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The North (from Under Willows. Over Flowers.)

The North

Sings to me

A love song,


Like an eagle's call;

A siren-

Perched upon a cliff,

For me to succumb

To beauty rest;

For me to be made whole.

The gravel crunches

Beneath my feet

As I walk in

Rejuvenating strides,

Under palm trees

Of the north,

Expressing softness

In every move,

Every caress and sway.

Fresh forest air;

Ground up goodness,

Good morning coffee cup,

Warming my insides

Under the sun,

Time for a second cup.

I've found myself

Multiple times

In trees as green

As emerald eyes,

In lakes that reflect

Solstice skies,

In loons expressing feelings

In somber cries,

Calling to fill

Its soul.

Shrouded in miracles

Subtle signs

I've never felt more loved.

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1 Comment

Mar 31, 2020

Reading this poem simply remind me of how nature is a gift ; surrounding us helping us feel embraced

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