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Plateaus. Canyons. Crevices.

I drink from a mug of Canada, but I have never been. There are places I keep going back to in Colorado, but my eyes still want to see the sand dunes, the San Juan, the plateaus, the canyons that my heart has never created a relationship with. There are places my Spirit has never explored. The plateaus, the canyons, the crevices where Intimacy is known. This is why we move. This is why we breathe. Meditate. Pray. Write. Read. Draw. Make music. And meander through our own unknown territories where boots have never stepped. Waters never lapped. Where we bring our lanterns to illuminate the art painted or etched on our walls. Where we realize we have value regardless of circumstance. Are loved. Cared for. Honored. And the scales are dropped from our eyes. Where we recognize ourselves as nothing but the best friend we have always been longing for.

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