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Anatomy of You: Because "I Am"

When we travel the arteries and veins of blood flow that surface as fast or as slow as we let our anxieties, our excitements, our loves, our passions go, we journey back and forth traveling over billions, yes billions, of miles in a lifetime between the head to the heart, the effects extending to the tips of our toes, the furthest point of our fingertips, that reach, grasp, hold to steady us. When our insides are not so steady, the grip is not as strong as when we love ourselves in the middle first, providing the basic food of breath, rest, time, the stability to return within our centers again and again. Listen. Let it speak with grace to you, the swoosh of the flow indicating when the rhythm is becoming out of control, so earthquakes don’t tremble the skin, the volcanic rupture doesn’t escape in ways it wasn’t meant to, and the spring doesn’t run dry from exhaustion. We are meant to be tender. We are meant to be open. To be real. Find those safe places, the people that you trust to put their ear to your heart listening to the vast ocean of possibilities that linger between the chest, those that know your pathways well, the highways and byways, the shores you crash on, they are meant to protect, love, and guide you. Find them. Appreciate them. Let them speak soft clouds of words to you even when you feel you don’t deserve them. You do. Say it quietly to yourself, “I deserve rest. I deserve love. I deserve this because I am.” Each of us a precious world, a landscape to discover. It’s an amazing gift. You are an amazing gift. You are loved. 

I Am a World

I am a world

Of inquiries and questions

Finding answers to chew, savor, eat, and digest

In a belly of fire

To nurture, soothe, and cool the spirit that flutters

Against the soft walls of my chest

Its flitters brushing

Tickling my soul’s membranes from within

With a start

Enter if you will

Welcome to my world

A journey that will take you

From my head to my heart.

-From When Sensitivity Breaks

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