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Evolution of Writing Journeys, LLC: Awakening through Experience

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Ever since high school, I have fallen in love with the Victorian and Enlightenment Era thought process. It took me a while to figure out why. Both eras began taking a look at the relationship between faith, beliefs, the intelligence of the body, the role of spirituality, and how those are not separate entities but work together as one. The Victorian Era focused more on science versus faith. The Enlightenment Era focused more on the human intelligence and trusting oneself, developing an understanding of self and spirituality through experience. Both eras met with a lot of scrutiny, a lot of judgment, some believing that these are still separate qualities or entities. Throughout my studies, my experiences, my connection with others, my understanding of faith, and spirituality within my life, I have tried to keep these separate because I thought they were meant to be separate. And it was a battle. The struggle was a gift, leading me to new curiosities and re-developing a relationship with self in conjunction with all of these things. One cannot work without the other. One needs science, one needs thoughts, one needs feelings, one needs experiences, one needs faith in order to reach their Divine potential. It takes vulnerability and honesty without judgement to be able to develop compassion and love, and define, or rather redefine these relationships, these connections with the All. It is possible. It takes trust. It takes time. Hence the phrase, “Trust the process.”

Throughout my life I have been known to have deep thoughts and questions. In fact, at my eighth-grade recognition they said one day I’d become famous for a book I would write called Thoughts. They weren’t too far off. They knew me well. In the past, I also have been called a Doubting Thomas due to the questions and challenges I posed within different environments and contexts. I am not a doubter. I am a believer. My questions come from the awe, the amazement, the wonder, the curiosity, of these perpetual miracles of life, life is amazing! It’s a desire to know and open more. Even in a deep struggle, it’s amazing how the human intelligence works. The resilience of the undying Spirit. So where am I going with this?

As I continue this journey of awakening through the experience of yoga, I can't really say I will be a teacher of yoga. Life is my teacher. Experience is my teacher; other people are my teacher. I am only here as a mere guide. I will begin to expand and offer experiences that allow people to connect within. I am here for the awakening itself as well through these contemplative experiences. Writing Journeys, LLC is taking a new path. It has to. We write our journeys on a daily basis. Through various experiences. Each step. Each breath. redefines and re-develops this relationship with life. And it’s life with a capital L. Reason, intelligence, experience, faith, all of these things are meant to flow together with others. We need community to do this. I never thought I would be saying that. For I am a little bit of a loner, I’m very introspective, I am an introvert that I feel sometimes poses as an extrovert. I am more of an extrovert when it comes to deep experiences. I feel there is my purpose.

So, through the revamped Writing Journeys, LLC, through this evolution of my own experiences, I attempt to offer multiple offerings in the future through many ways to awaken ourselves, including myself, which is constantly changing. We are meant to grow, we are meant to reach, we are meant to shed, we are meant to be reborn. Fear is the obstacle. But fear can also be the motivator. So let’s meet together, letting our voices shake, our hands shake, and let’s be fearful together, for within the context strength and courage will be found. Through an experience with my seventh grade students, I learned that the Latin root cor- from the word courage, means heart. Some things cannot be explained, they can only be felt with the heart. Let us work together to develop strength of heart. This natural knowing of who we are as spiritual beings. I myself cannot choose just one experience. I used to call myself "jack of all trades, master of none". That is finally taken shape where it is not a searching, but a bringing together. It’s about the all. Let us continue to walk together. Welcome to Writing Journeys. I am looking forward to walking together.

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