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I Don't Write Poetry.

Photography: @lottie.lillian

I actually don’t write poetry. I write thoughts in a list and sometimes the thoughts just happen to connect. They more than not speak a rhythm. Sometimes it’s just what I feel in layers, which sometimes speaks the truth, but mostly it’s just the acknowledgement of things so I can make room to see clearer; a way to put a hand on my own breastbone, or a way for me to put my hand on another’s breastbone; to acknowledge, to comfort, to ease the tension, to be love. It just is. In a moment. And then the moment’s gone. Imagined or not, it was real at that time. And there’s just so many beautiful wonderful things to write about even in the seemingly ugly. Sometimes it comes from the jar of inspiration: a photo, the way a note hits the chest, or lyrics get you thinking about the “what if’s.” It's a practice of being tender in moments that actually make me nervous because they are vulnerable. To help me stay open and soft, stable and strong, to stand in a truth. It’s also a way to practice remaining in constant devotion to the awe, miracles, and the finer details of life. Lovely, or not so lovely, it’s a way to find the warm glow in the concrete that has cracked. We see, we write. We feel, we write. We smell, we write. We hear, we write. It’s not different or separate than the thinking mind. Writing is the thinking mind, the feeling body, the beating heart. It’s just put in a place to view; a different view - for a moment - because we are not that same person. It's a constant evolution of the spirit. I actually don’t write poetry. I’m just a person expressing my human condition on a flat surface.

Heidi Nehring is a certified Life Coach, educated in Mindfulness Meditation practices, and holds certification in Spirituality, Health and Healing from UW-Eau Claire. Through her experience, Heidi carefully curates classes, workshops and coaching sessions that focus on the heart-center of each person through writing and/or meditation practices. It is important to her that all students feel safe in sharing what arises and wants all individuals to feel supported in their personal journeys. This is where healing begins. As individuals awaken they walk deeper into who they are and what it means to be an ever-evolving spiritual being. Heidi is also the Editor-in-Chief of The Heart Revival Digital Zine, and loves bringing people together to hold space in the beautiful outdoors through Heart Hikes where love expands and spirits soar together. You are deeply cared for.

Heidi Nehring is a published author of two books of poetry and a nonfiction reflection chapbook all located on Amazon for purchase.

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