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Natural Reflections of True Love

With everything in high gear charged with the need to be seen and heard, I cannot deny there is something that weighs heavily on my own heart day to day. It has to do with the push and pull of everyone’s cathedral and sanctuary – nature and the destruction thereof.

I have been told several times in my life that I don’t have a strong faith life; that certain people “don’t see God in me.” My response to them is, “Then you haven’t leaned your head again my chest and heard the ocean, or the crunch of mountain rocks beneath my feet, or the swish of the Divine’s spirit that has graced the presence on my sunburned cheeks resting atop a paddleboard. You have not felt my hug when someone is near and dear to me.”

Divine nature is my, is our, divine nature. This hug that I give to nature as well is with laden with heaviness as of late as I feel in time, I will have to say good-bye to a part of nature that has become who I am. Besides mountains, oceans, and so many other places that have left fine red dust upon my boots, it is the place I have been so blessed to have access to time and time again – Shakey Lakes Park and the chain of lakes that surround and connect it all. I love this place. When I visit, I stuff my car with roasted almonds, a gallon of water, a pair of hiking boots, a towel, and of course, my board, to prepare for a day of connection to the Divine and myself. This sacred place of lakes is currently under attack as residents fight for no open pit sulfide mining due to the Back 40 Mine just a couple miles from the lake. Every time I frequent the area my whole spirit aches at the possibility of such destruction and carelessness; a time when money speaks once again affecting the real gold of the human heart.

In nature, the Divine is reflected in every nook and cranny for everyone, painted yellow on the underbelly of sunfish, sculpted in the clarity that allows sight to the bottom of the lake, the stippled polka dots on the backs of loons with such artistry that to envision these works of art destroyed also destroys the preciousness, the gem, of a reflection of True Love. I hate feeling the vibe that seems almost unstoppable – I feel helpless – sad – and trapped. Every time I see the environmental changes surrounding the area, I feel this. All nature feels it and tries to find its own leveled ground. It is hard to find relief in such madness.

So, I sit and ponder trying to take in as much beauty as I can to paint the inside of my heart and soul as I enter the cathedral that shouts the work of the Divine in soft subtle whispers and joyous colors. Chasing as many sunsets until I cannot. Hoping I may bring that vibrational frequency to all people. Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Essence.

In nature all are seen and heard. All are equally important and loved. May we all continue to care for the ground we have been gifted to walk on that allows for equal footing with love.

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