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New Book: The Last Slice of Orange by Heidi Nehring

I sit here on a Sunday morning with the sun shining through the windows of my house. The sun offers so much insight which normally cannot be seen without its presence. Such as, how much my windows need to be cleaned, evidence of the remnants of the weirdest weather I have experienced yet along the lake front. The “winter” storms produced significant rainfall rather than snow where I live, and only a couple blocks over, so much snow. Either way it fell, the “snow days” gave me much needed time to look back in reflection of the past year.

I don’t write every day, but every January I start a new note page in my cell phone and various notebooks to see what the year brings. I add notes of thoughts, feelings, insights, which many times comes out in poetry and prose. It’s something I have done since being a kid where I started writing poetry to my best friends in like 7th/8th grade. When I moved to Los Angeles many moons ago, I remember feeling so dreadfully lost. To remember who I was, I would sit in various coffee shops, writing about things I liked and didn’t like. Many of these turned into soul-searching poems.

When I got to a certain age, I was like, Okay, what do I want to do with all of this? I never felt comfortable in big crowds, nor being the center of attention, at least in theatrical performance. I recognized it was the process I fell in love with. The finding of resources, the studying of material, the wisdom that comes from curating things together creating moments of recognized truth. I realized there is a path in most things that we do in life that guides us to return to self. There is a process of becoming and remembering our being-ness, our humanity, the wonder and awe.

The Last Slice of Orange: A Pocketbook of Poetry Along the Path, is just that. Thoughts, images, reflections curated through words. Moments of personal truth through curiosity. The recognition of self, the return home, again and again, and the power and excellence of God that connects and resides in each and every one of us.

I was gifted a question once when I was going through a very spiritually challenging time of my life. I was so hungry for something deep that would ground and anchor me. It was one of the first questions offered to me that gave me oxygen, and it was a question I thought I knew the answer to from memorized Bible passages. I realized I had no idea, based upon a very confusing experience, what the answer was to this question - What is spirit?

The poems in The Last Slice of Orange helped me to create an even deeper relationship with that question. It’s a question that continues to give me energy. It was the perfect gift for me. I thrive off of this curiosity.

May this book offer spiritual food for you to nourish you along the path, like it did me. May it offer encouragement and curiosity to fuel and encourage you to keep returning to self again and again.

Peace is ours,

Joy is in the immediate.

This is an invitation to return to self.

Heidi Nehring

Personal link to order your copy if you wish. It will be available to the public within a few days. The Last Slice of Orange: A Pocketbook of Poetry

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