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NEW BOOK! Waves - The Cell of Me: Living a Life of Love

What if we trust there is more? Not more hurt. Not more pain. But more space. More time. More freedom. More movement. More flow. More love. Bigger love that provides us tools, practices, people that give us things to float and rest upon. What if we believe that if we jump off a cliff that there are not rocks below, but we have faith that there are cooling waters that offer support? That there are gifts of rafts and oars and extra hands there for us. That we are not alone. That we don’t have to cling to something or someone out of fear to make love stay, but trust it will still stay, be present – always, regardless of the size of waves in and out.

Waves: The Cell of Me is available on Amazon.

Waves: The Cell of Me is Heidi’s third book. She published her first book called Under Willows Over Flowers: A Journey from the Head to the Heart through Poetry through Henschel Haus Books. When Sensitivity Breaks: A Journey through Vulnerability soon followed thereafter. But mostly, she is just human and enjoys 1x1 coffee discussions and hikes in nature. See her own website or The Heart Revival for her Spiritual Life Coaching Group Sessions, Writing and Meditation classes, mini-hiking retreats, or to sign up for a 1x1 Spiritual Life Coaching Session. You are most dearly loved.

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