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On the Backs of Two Eagles

My heart leaped for joy resting on the backs of two eagles as they came into my sphere and I came into theirs. Their steadiness and strength abundantly clear taking command, or is it taking the lead, with the wind in symbiosis – together as one. Black flies dancing around my head in full fruition making friends with every part of my face. Myself finding them a pure nuisance. Watching one of the eagles land on the tippy top of a majestic pine limb wishing I had my camera. Always wishing I had my camera. Turning my stand up paddleboard ever so closely to look up into the tree – eagle – regal, loyal, prideful, puffed chest turning its head this way and then that surveying the land, the sparkling water catching the every light of the sun settling into its golden bliss. I talked to my friend wondering if anyone else could hear my voice speaking softly asking curiosity questions, “Are you looking for fish? Are your ears just as keen as your piercing eyes? Why do you always choose pine trees? Where did your mate go?” My chatter not even scaring or jarring the scene in the moment. The moon above the eagle’s head almost a crown or halo slightly skewed to the left. And I am reminded of the saying on my stand up paddleboard – “Nature is my muse…she inspires me to be a truer version of me,” and the quote that was hanging on the back of my t-shirt speaking as softly to me as I was to the eagle, “The journey is the destination.” Both reinforcing the marriage of the two quotes with me standing on water. Me with the crescent moon. Me with the sun. The shivers of wind making goosebumps on my skin. Eye spying my eagle, my friend, and her mate that just resurfaced as I reveled in my destination until it was time to turn and head on home peacefully at rest with the sun, the moon, the wind, the water, the trees, as I continued to rest on the backs of two eagles.

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