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Two Cups of Coffee…Not the Same Normal I Was

I wrote this in June 2020 last year. I stumbled upon it as I was getting ready for our one year of coming back together inside The Heart Revival Center. I wanted to see where I was last year and if I have really changed within myself as much as I feel I have. I look back at what I was reading, what I was writing, what I was doing, and the answer really is, I am different. But the one thing remains, making time for a self-care check-in every day and one good cup of coffee is necessary. My jewels in the morning to stay slow and contemplative, to enjoy moments of bliss, even within a life of change, to watch the sun rise, or the cloud’s float. This is what I wrote last year…

Waking up to life and breath. A routine for me that begins with a short meditative sit after I press “go” on the coffee pot. Roughly 12 minutes because the maker is set to bold, as I sit into the sound of the heater kicking on in the house even though it is June, the cars’ tires zipping by making that sticking sound as tire meets road, and the gurgle of the coffee pot as I continue to attempt to focus on breath, “bringing the puppy back in”; a practice in mindfulness. Realizing I settle in better when I am in awe of how the body works in its miraculous form. So many things moving without our command. How simple yet complex and fabulous it is when the body expands as it takes in breath, reminding me I am human and this breath is a gift, as I let it go, only to receive more life again.

Every morning, instead of the cling of a singing bowl, my sit ends upon the beep of the coffee pot. I pour my first beautiful cup choosing a mug that fits my mood, savoring the intimate warmth of the first sip that warms every part of my insides as I breathe in this simple gift. I am not alone. I have my warmth in my cup, my breath in my body, and I sit again, but this time to read. I read way too many books at once. This morning John Muir’s Spiritual Writings, Writing as a Path to Awakening, and She Explores. All of them opening my mind to the marvelous human body, the beautiful mind we have, and the spiritual beings we are. I have learned I cannot live without these types of readings and conversations that focus on the breath and preciousness of each of us; that focuses on the beautiful life, even in the challenge. These moments of pure bliss of opening my mind and heart to “what is” and the massive amounts of possibilities, even amongst midlife crisis, change, etc. contemplating how I can bring and offer to others what I am learning too.

Mornings are magic for me. Even though the question is - if two cups of caffeine is the best thing for a Vata body that propels with a flame of Pitta underneath is healthy or not. I fear going back to life as normal. I am not the same normal I was.

To learn more about spiritual writing and meditation practices check out The Heart Revival website, or to discover Heidi's books, check out Amazon.

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