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Under Willows. Over Flowers.: A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Before When Sensitivity Breaks: A Journey through Vulnerability, there was Under Willows. Over Flowers.: A Journey from the Head to the Heart through Poetry. My dream was to write a book at some point in my life. Never thought I’d have two in a year and a half. What held me back at first was trying to write what others wanted me to write. To be perfect. To try to fit a mold to please other people. Fear of being judged. Of being told I was wrong about how I perceived or experienced life. How I felt. Writer’s block diminished once I embraced and held my own life in the palms of my hands with compassion, freedom and love. My goal was never to make money, but to create something to begin a conversation around. To make a safe space for others to be open, honest and vulnerable. To provide examples to others of what self-reflective writing can look like. While I choose poetic form, I believe it’s accessible to all. I don’t know how to be any other way. It’s who I am. So much gratitude for every individual who has walked into my life; who has opened my eyes, my mind - my heart. Who were willing to listen. Who have challenged me in loving compassionate ways. My life is so rich. You are sincerely loved!️🦋 If you are interested, they are both available on Amazon.

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