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“Our bodies and thoughts are not only interdependent on the world around us; they are just like waves—fluid energy moving through the fluid fabric of reality…our individual wave has also always been the same nature as the entire sea. All water.”

Jaimal Yogis, “All Our Waves are Water”

Waves. Water. Blue. Orange. Sunsets. Each year always calls me to something different. Last year. Green. White pines. Boots. Rocky pathways. Mountains. Hills. And I begin to wonder, what does it all mean? What am I searching for? What answers do I think I am going to find that I can’t find by sitting on my couch with a hot cup of coffee? Then I realize, it’s not about the answers, even though I want them. It’s about what these offer me. Freedom. Space. Understanding. A place to sit. Open air to release whatever energy I have taken on, mixed with my own, that gets shaken & stirred. A combo that can become a cataclysmic explosion that I have no clue what to do with, that overwhelms & tires myself out from relentless pushing, not even offering myself the space to find grace, forgiveness, peace. Waves massage. Waters cool. Sand offers the gift of a conformed seat that fits perfectly for me, so I am able to see an expansive view of that calming blue before me. Listening in surround sound to the rocks getting pushed up onto the shores, rolling over each other like glass marbles, then sliding down back into the liquid bed, water making popping sounds in between the crevasses, much like the sound of an opened can of soda, bubbles popping, releasing within, shifting & draining down until the next push—the next ebb & flow. My eyes becoming heavy and eventually close. A big wave of a sigh escaping from the cell of me. Breath & thoughts unifying with it all as I am offered the gift of opportunity & possibility, as my rhythm finally falls back into place, & I am able to see clearly again in this spaciousness, my body exfoliated from the rocks & sand I’ve been sifting through. So grateful also for the people, places & things that have given me this same sentiment, this gift, that safe harbor to curl up in where the waters are allowed to settle & merge—where I am told repeatedly, like the waves upon the shore in perfect flow, “It’s okay. You are loved. Just as you are.” So grateful for the paddles they’ve offered to help me keep drifting, settling in among the waves, finding that perfect spiraling pattern within, without, & among all living things. Waves. Water. Blue. Orange. Sunsets. Together we rise.  ReplyForward

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